Beowulfs can compete with Supercomputers [was Beowulf: A theorical approach]

Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Thu Jun 22 11:38:02 PDT 2000

> 2) Customize a stock design and get someone else to build it for you.
> are several small to mid-size companies which specialize in this. I've
> meaning to update my list (perhaps some readers will help).  The list
> at least Altatech, Atlantec, Aspen, DCG,HPTi, Paralogic, TurboLinux,

In the case of HPTi and some of the other companies on this list, this is
not quite right. HPTi provides appropriate solutions to solve your problem,
just like a traditional supercomputer vendor. We do not encourage our
customers to pick out which motherboard they like best; we prefer to take
relevant benchmarks and then pick the right CPU, interconnect, and so forth
to give you the biggest bang for your $. Our design space is general purpose
enough that it fits what most people want out of a supercomputer.

-- greg

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