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Borries Demeler demeler at
Thu Jun 22 09:22:36 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I have a poorly defined question, and I am hoping that people on this list
can help me put a little more focus into it: We have an opportunity to
get our hands on about $150,000 in our biochemistry dept. to be used for
"bioinformatics". The exact meaning of "bioinformatics" is poorly defined
by the sponsor, and we are essentially free to define what this overused
term exactly means for our use. We need to come up with a consensus on
how to spend the money for bioinformatics-related applications/computers,
whatever that means.

My idea was to find a list of applications that can be run on a beowulf 
system and may be useful to researchers in our dept. We have X-ray
crystallographers, molecular biologists, kineticists, geneticists and all
flavors of biochemistry represented in our dept. Once we have a good list
of available software that may address a subject dealt with by one or the
other faculty, we could come up with a viable proposal for a medium scale
beowulf system, geared towards the software packages most useful to us.

Can you share your ideas for a list of software packages that can be run
on a beowulf system that may address subjects of interest to the above
mentioned research directions?

Thanks for your help, -Borries
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