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I've been working with distributed Java for some time now (experimentally,
for a couple of years).  Hopefully, with Java 1.3, and embedded Java, the
speed will pick up enough to warrant some real EDI transaction processing.

Check out JVPM on the PVM web site  .  It's
basically a version of PVM written completely in Java.  On my own projects,
I've invented a distributed intelligent agent system in Java.

Java's a good choice to do prototyping of Beowulf systems.  Because Java
classes are complete entities (they contain code and data), programming to
get data passed between nodes is easy with serializable classes.  You just
convert the class to a byte stream, send it down the TCP/IP socket
connection, decode it on the other end, and run the class.

Hope that helps.

Richard Schilling
Web Integration Programmer
Affiliated Health Services
Mount Vernon, WA

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G'day Fella's

I was wandering whether anyone here has had any experience with
distributed Java programs.

I wanted to write an application that could run a beowulf.

I was interested in things like RMI, etc....

Ideally I would like to be able to get a class and tell it to run on a
particular machine and every now and then, poke it, and give it a
message, etc....

Any ideas will be appreciated, thanks.

Cheers Mof.

"Never underestimate the power of a dark clown"

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