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Jose_Maria_Gonzalez at Jose_Maria_Gonzalez at
Fri Jun 9 07:04:46 PDT 2000

Hi there,

My sincere apologise for this silly question, but does anybody know any
either tool,program,script, or native tool in RedHat to measure the real
network traffic on my network. I have set up a COW (8 nodes) and I am using
MPICH 1.1.2 to run a parallel program. When I run above program the network
traffic is very high so I just wonder if it could be a bottleneck.

I have used netperf and the latest version of SCMS which displays some
network device information too, but it does not really help me much.

Any ideas?
I would really appreciate any information.

Thank you very much.
Sincerely Yours,


Jose Maria Gonzalez Martin,
System Engineer,
ASC Lab, Dell Computer Corporation, Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland.
> & 353 61 502100
Jose_Maria_Gonzalez at

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