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Alex Lancaster alex at
Thu Jun 8 17:56:16 PDT 2000

>>>>> "RB" == Robert G Brown <rgb at> writes:


RB> I believe that we are VERY close to having the beowulf list
RB> managed by mailman, which will be a very Good Thing (tm).  If/when
RB> this finally occurs, you can subscribe and unsubscribe and
RB> generally control the flow of list traffic directly from a
RB> password protected web interface.  This is a very desirable
RB> thing...

Yep, I agree it is a very desirable thing for most folks.  *Provided*
one thing: that you can still [un]subscribe via majordomo if you so
desire.  I'm loathe to start up a web browser just to do mailing list
management.  I know most people have trouble with majordomo, but when
you've been using it for as long as I have, you get used to its
quirks, and at least I can manage my mailing lists using `gnus' inside
emacs slogged-in to a terminal over a modem line without having to
fire up lynx or netscape...

Here's hoping majordomo doesn't go away completely...  My $0.02.

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