Please help me unsubscribe

Justin Scribner jgscribner at
Wed Jun 7 07:48:43 PDT 2000

I truly apologize for posting this of message to the list but feel that I
have no other recourse.  I have been trying to unsubscribe for weeks by
sending messages to both beowulf-request at and
Majordomo at but get nothing but undeliverable messages
(even when sent from other completely disparate addresses).  All messages to
other addresses work fine and I doubt there is a problem with the
aforementioned addresses.  I tried to unsubscribe from the web page, but
haven't received a response from there either.  I do appreciate the
discussions thus far and learned that I need to consider Mosix rather than
Beowulf.  Thank you in advance and my sincerest apologies to those who have
seen one-too-many unsubscribes posted to mailing-lists.

Justin G. Scribner
MIS - Technician
jgscribner at

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