Jobs with Beowulf systems?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Fri Jun 2 08:59:16 PDT 2000

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > Is there any location of jobs available working on/with/etc beowulf and
> > similar cluster systems?  I've check the obvious places, but haven't
> > turned up anything positive.
> This would be a cool thing to have -- I'd like to be able to point my
> recruiting people at a website and say "advertise *here*, find candidates
> *here*..."

Well, I personally certainly don't object to a limited amount of
recruiting via the list (having used it myself to that effect in the
past).  Posting beowulf-specific job openings one time, or posting an
announcement one time that you are beowulf-skilled and looking for work
(see attached CV) should likely be tolerated, as the community in either
direction is likely to be small and in many cases connected only via
this list.

However, I agree that a "beowulf bulletin board" would be a useful thing
to have and is more appropriate in the long run.  Dwight was planning to
set one up on; or it might be a good idea to add
an associated pair of lists to the mailman server on when this
is all running.  beowulf-jobs is a reasonable list to have, and because
mailman archives the list in web-accessible form, it would be very
simple for employers or jobseekers to post there or search for recent


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