Beowulf software!!

Vinayak Dukle duklevi at
Tue Dec 5 03:36:00 PST 2000

Hello !!

I am a novice in this clustered world. 

I would like to know how one can make use of software for some specific 
applications like weather modelling, nuclear simulations which justifies 
requirement of a beowulf. Any sites where working prototypes are there 
for download ?? 

 Also, how can an end-user take advantage of PVM or MPI 
libraries to parallelize my code on a beowulf cluster ? Any help present 
on the net ?

 Actually, writing parallelized code is an alien concept to me and i would 
be more than happy if someone could just let me know where i can get some 
samples of such code ?

Any suggestions would be most welcome!!


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