Serverworks chip sets

Simen Timian Thoresen simentt at
Mon Dec 11 23:32:19 PST 2000

> The 370 DER board from Supermicro has the 'BIOS over serial port'
> feature but it's not EMP (well atleast I don't think so).
> There are also other Serverworks based mainboards which have this
> feature (e.g the Tyan 2510). Actually I think it's up to the BIOS
> manufacturer to implement this feature, and both Tyan and Serverworks
> use AMI bios.

It is. Any functionality could be added to any bios, as long as the underlying 
hardware is capable of supporting it.
> One feature I would like to have on the PC platform is the ability to
> drop the whole menu driven BIOS thing and use a more command line like
> interface (Like on Alphas and SPARC). If the motherboards could
> autodetect (wich I already think it does) that there is no VGA adapter,
> it could switch over to the serial port interface. Wouldn't that be a
> cluster friendly BIOS ?

Check out Ron Minnichs work on LinuxBios, (or

This is udderly cool.

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