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      KCAP 2.0 Beta1

      Parallel Research Group, CONSYL
      Department of Computer Engineering
      Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University , Thailand
      Proundly Announce the release of KCAP2.0 Beta1 
            KCAP is a web-based software that help monitor and manages a Beowulf Cluster . This software can monitor and display system resources interactively. Moreover, KCAP provides many features that helps both system administrators and users use the system effectively. KCAP is addtional part to SCMS Cluster management system.
            SCMS Must be installed properly before KCAP can be installed and used. 
            his software is part of SMILE Project,Parallel Research group,Computer and Network System Research Laboratory,Department of Computer Engineering,Kasetsart University. 


            -  cluster configuration can be browse using a standard web browser. 

            - Display various useful information from any node or all cluster. This information includes:
                     --Kernel Massage:  display kernel message. 
                     --Kernel Module: display list of active kernel module. 
                     --Network Config: display network configuration and routing information. 
                     --Harddisk Space: display information about disk space. 
                     --Memory Space: display about memory left in each node. 
                     --User status: display about user in each node. 
                     --Process status: display about process status of the cluster.

             - Use Java Applet to display realtime information such as. 
                     --CPU display about User cpu,System cpu,Nice cpu and Idle cpu. 
                     --CTXSW display about number of Context switch. 
                     --Board Temperature display about cpu temperature and  fan speed. 
                     --Load Average display about computer load in every 1,5,15 minutes,running process and number of process. 
                     --Memory display about Used memory,Idle memory,shared memory and buffer. 
                     --Page display about number of page in and page out. 
                     --Swap display about Swap page. 

            New Friendly & User Interface. 
            Add new system configuration. 
            Add new feature about User status section.
            Better Real-time section in graph mode and add new features such as Disk and Overall.
            New feature,KCAP Statistic. This feature will plot history graph of many useful information. 

            KCAP2.0BETA1 is available for download at 


            For any further information. Please mail to prg at

Parallel Research Group.
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