Beowulf I/O Errors

Matthew Jochum Matthew.Jochum at
Wed Dec 20 08:10:31 PST 2000

    Sorry to write directly to you instead of the listserv, but everytime
I post something to the listserv ( it never gets sent out.
And I have a one question for you(scyle), and the rest of the Beowulf
community.  I have other questions, as well, but getting the cluster running
is my priority for now.

    Let me give you ( and if you forward this to ) a run down of
the cluster.  I am keeping it small, just to prove that it works.  Then
I can build a much larger ( +30 node ) one.

    HomeNode:    Dell OptiPlex PII-400
    Node0:            Dell PowerEdge2400  Twin 866 Xeon, lots of ram and
disk space.
    I have two other nodes, but I want to get this one up first!

    Installation Question, I have followed the slave node setup proceedure,
and the machine will not go to the "up" state automatically.   Here is the
proceedure I used to setup the Node

        1.    With a blank Harddrive, boot w/ a boot floppy, move from
unknown to configured node, and click apply.
        2.    From /usr/lib/beoboot/bin:
                    beofdisk -q
                    beofdisk -w
                    /usr/sbin/beoboot-install 0 /dev/sda
                    bpctl -S all -s reboot

                Have I missed anything?  When the machine reboots, it is
stuck in the "unavailable" state.


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