Diskless Nodes... (Not Again!)

Wyatt Draggoo phraktyl at MailAndNews.com
Fri Dec 22 15:17:25 PST 2000

I'd wondered about that.  But at 40MB it failed, and at 36MB it didn't have
enough room.  I was hoping that there was something magic that happened at 

So, I set it back to 32MB, and took a lot out with vmadlib (I'd somehow missed
that when I was looking before...) and they boot up now.

Does vmadlib automatically grab everything out of /usr/lib/* and /lib/* to 
over?  I had a bunch of libraries (gnome, gnome-print, GIMP, etc) going over
when I don't think they need to (obviously not, because they boot without 
 Where does it keep a list of the libraries that the nodes use as compared to
the master?


>The above fstab file creates a 64MB ramdisk on the nodes. Your nodes have
>Try ratcheting this size down to 40MB or so and see if they come up.
>Once you get it running, you can use vmadlib to trim the library list
>and trim the node ramdisk accordingly. As I have mentioned elsewhere
>on the list, the remote ramdisk can be made quite small with some effort.

Wyatt Draggoo
Network Administrator

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