Good test program for a cluster.

Douglas Eadline deadline at
Thu Dec 21 13:48:49 PST 2000

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Robert Sand wrote:

> Does anyone have a good test program I can use on my cluster to see how well it
> works?

If you can wait a few weeks, we will be releasing our Beowulf Performance
Suite.  It will include a series of standard sequential and parallel
tests with a GUI front end and results reported into HTML. We allow
the nasa parallel benchmarks to be run using (lam,mpich, mpi-pro), 
(gnu,pgi, absoft), (N procs), and (W,A,B,C size).

This is not a benchmark (say this ten times).

It is intended to be a way to measure how well things work - like
is my cluster working or if I upgrade/change something does it change
the performance of the suite. 

This will not be a benchmark suite (say this ten times).

In the mean time, most of the MPI packages come with some 
test suites.

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