Channel Bonding to create lots of output

Stacie D Bubb sbubb at
Fri Dec 15 10:32:17 PST 2000

Well, I've been gone from the list for a while, but I had to come back to
ask something. My team is looking to create a cluster to generate lots of
http traffic to stress-test our product. Having some Beowulf experience
from school, I've been asked to look into feasability and the whole how-to
thing. Yes, I know where the How to Build a Beowulf paper is ;-D  My
question is, has anyone else had any experience in building something
similar to this who might be able to offer me input and advice? We're
looking into the Channel Bonding "ifenslave.c" program that is on the site,
and I'm trying to figure out what it does before I load it onto the
computers. From what I can tell (which I'm not sure how much that is even),
this will bind our ethernet cards together so that we can write a program
to actually run the stress, pushing out lots of http traffic, in a
distributed fashion, utilizing the cpu's of the attached computers. Anyone
have any advice, input, etc. for me? I appreciate any help. Thanks in

Stacie Bubb
Software Test
t/l 444-5677

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