Scyld and eth conf

David Leunen leunen.d at
Thu Dec 14 08:19:06 PST 2000


I just installed the Scyld 2.0 preview release CDrom on the master node.
During the installation, I configured the eth0 for the external LAN, and
I let the eth1(cluster LAN) untouched. During the first boot, I received
2 times the following error in /var/log/messages:

insmod: Note: /etc/conf.modules is more recent than

On the second boot, it says:

ifup: SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
ifup: Determining IP information for et1...
ifup: Operation failed
ifup: failed
network: Bringing up interface eth1 failed

On both, it also said:

httpd: httpd: cannot determine local host name
httpd: Use the ServerName directive to set it manually
httpd: httpd startup failed

I tryed to launched linuxconf (or netconf) but the configuration of the
interface are blank. Should I fill them with linuxconf or should I use a
special Scyld tool?



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