Why no rlogin to nodes?

Jag agrajag at linuxpower.org
Wed Dec 13 08:03:10 PST 2000

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Daniel Ridge wrote:

> We do what RedHat does (via heritage).
> Out of the box, Scyld ships an '/etc/beowulf/fstab' that would like
> to use NFS for '/home' -- but you don't even need that.
> Beyond that, the Scyld preview relied on rdate to set the clocks on the
> nodes. This meant 'inetd' on the frontend.
> We've ejected that requirement from our upcoming release with the
> following piece of code:

Thanks for the code.  Is there any way we can see the latest that Scyld
has done towards their 2.0 release?  Maybe something akin to Red Hat's
Rawhide.  I'm setting up a small cluster that isn't expected to go into
production use for a while and wouldn't mind trying to get some of the
newer stuff you guys are working on to work on the cluster.

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