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Franz Marini marini at pcmenelao.mi.infn.it
Tue Dec 12 02:47:20 PST 2000

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, [Windows-1252] Carlos J. García Orellana wrote:

> We are going to buy a switch for our cluster (30 nodes). We have thought in using two 24-port switch (or one 24-port and one 12-port) with stacking capabilities.
> We would like to know if somebody has any experience with these switch:
> * HP Procurve 2324
> * Nortel BayStack 450
> * SMC 6924M
> * 3Com SuperStack 3300 XM
> * Intel Express 510T


  we use a Superstack II 3300 XM for our cluster and we're adding a second
one. From what I've seen it works pretty well, in particular I've found
very usefull the web-based management. I'm not sure if it has the highest
performance (I mean, maybe the HP's has a higher bandwidth, dunno...).

  The only flaw I've found was the auto-negotiation with a DLINK DFE-570
quad tulip card, but in the end it was a problem with the tulip drivers,
not the switch.

 Only my 2cents, hope it helps, 


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