Serverworks chip sets

Ken lowther at
Sun Dec 10 14:37:01 PST 2000

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > Alternatively, it has been suggested to me that I should consider the
> > Supermicro 6010H 1U solution, which uses the 370 DER board with
> > ServerWorks III HE-SL chipset.  Apparently, this motherboard has 2X
> > bandwidth to memory,
> Beware salesmen -- we've never seen a STREAM benchmark result which shows
> the additional bandwidth. Salesmen tend to quote theoretical peak memory
> bandwidths even if no program can get the benefit.

And bandwidth isn't the bottle neck.  Latency is.  I sent a pointer to
an article within the last couple of weeks on this subject.  Maybe you
could find it in the archives.

Ken Lowther
Youngstown, Ohio

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