How about parallel computing with finance

Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Sun Dec 10 14:08:45 PST 2000

>      Now using parallel computing in the solutiong of
> computionally-intensive probolems has been widely accepted
> in physics,chemistry,biology,engineering etc. I'm inerested
> in its application in economics and finance based linux cluster.

There are certainly many financial firms using clusters. However, most of
them don't talk about what they do. JP Morgan is well known for using their
NT desktops for night-time computations using TurboLinux's EnFusion product,
but no details other than that seem to be public. I used to work for D. E.
Shaw & Co., but I can't tell you what I did there. But I sure seemed to know
an awful lot about clustering when I left.

-- g

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