How about parallel computing with finance

Richard Walsh rbw at
Wed Dec 6 07:48:50 PST 2000

Liuxg wrote:

> Now using parallel computing in the solutiong of 
> computionally-intensive probolems has been widely accepted
> in physics,chemistry,biology,engineering etc. I'm inerested
> in its application in economics and finance based linux cluster.

We run the proprietary risk management codes of large investment
banks used to manage large books of derivatives in several asset 
classes in an MPI-Linux-Pentium cluster environment. We are transitioning
our production environment to these platforms. The business model 
is service based (floor space in Minnesota is cheaper than NY), 
includes platform currency and price-performance targets (PIII
and Linux make a potent combination), service-level guarantees, 
global access (VPN), near 24x7 availability (the whole weekend
is not needed even if your customer is working from Hong Kong) 
... a kind of power grid for CPU cycles ... plug your financial 
factory (code) into the grid and flip the switch. We don't do 
"toasters" and "microwaves" yet, but perhaps longer term :-) ...

Without trying to brag ... some of these financial applications 
are definitely state-of-the-art. So to answer your question
directly ... it is being done ... but is earlier in the game 
than say computational chemistry.



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