HD cloning, beowulf book

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Mon Dec 4 15:16:58 PST 2000

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Grenyer, R wrote:

> Many thanks to everybody who responded to the HD cloning question - as
> always with this list, I've answered not only the question but several that
> I'd have to ask later.... I'll post a summary of the responses when I have
> more time later in the week, as it would be useful to have all the responses
> in one place [so many methods, so little time]...

I agree!  I actually saved all the responses in my beowulf_book source
directory and I'll TRY to incorporate them into the book as a list of
methodologies for node setup with URL's and cross-references.

Of course [so many things to cover, so little time] if you should put
the summary together in a form that I can wrap up into a latex section
with minimal editing before you post, why I'll just pop it right on in
with attribution!


P.S. -- the precise final form of the copyright and publication medium
for this book remains to be determined BUT both Doug Eadline and I agree
that it will remain freely available online regardless of whether or not
we manage to work out some way of becoming stinkin' rich selling paper
copies.  So nothing contributed will be wasted.

And, as I noted in some previous messages, I'm actively soliciting latex
chapters/sections as contributions, especially from system (beowulf)
vendors, software developers (preferrably GPL or equivalent but I'm open
minded as long as it is beowulf-relevant) and experts of any sort with a
wee bit of time on their hands.  All contribution authors will be
acknowledged in the relevant chapter/section.

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