[Beowulf-announce] New distribued computing project - distributedfolding.org

Christopher Hogue hogue at mshri.on.ca
Wed Jan 30 19:58:02 PST 2002

Hi Folks,

Another distributed computing project has begun, you may want to take a
look and
if you have spare cycles, consider contributing your cluster.  

The project samples billions of protein 3D structures, and is detailed
on the web site:


A text mode client is available, instead of the Windows screensaver -
for Beowulf  cluster contributors.  
Binaries are avaliable on Win/Linux/LinuxPPC/Tru64/Irix/Solaris/HPUX-11
Mac OSX binaries will be posted shortly.

There is an extensive FAQ on the web site:  

Instructions for running the client non-interactively on a Cluster are
provided in the readme:

The project is also listed on intel.com/cure and has been extensively
tested over the past year.

Thanks for your consideration.

Christopher Hogue Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics and Assistant Professor, Dept of
Biochemistry, U. of Toronto 
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Mt. Sinai Hospital
600 University Ave
Toronto ON Canada

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